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Travel Tips:

What images does the thought of Switzerland evoke in your mind? Is it the dramatic landscapes and quaint country settings? Or is it the unique French, German and Italian cultural influences? Maybe it's the historic castles and heritage? Whatever it is, Switzerland has something special for you whether your idea of the perfect vacation is hiking in a world of breathtaking vistas or pampering yourself in the lap of luxury.

Travel Formalities:

Customs Entry Regulations

Duty-and tax free imports per person

Used personal effects:
Used personal effects, such as clothing, underwear,toilet articles, sports gear, photo and film cameras, camcorders, portable computers, musical instruments, and other articles for general use.

Foodstuff and non-alcoholic beverages for the day of travelling.

Importation and exportation of cash are not subjected to restrictions.

Tobaccos and spirits:
These limits apply only to persons older than 17 years
- 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of pipe-tobacco
- 2 liters of alcohol (up to 15% vol.) and 1 liter of alcohol (over 15% vol.)

Other goods:
For other private goods there is a total value limit of CHF 300.- per person

Passport, Visa Regulations

Travellers wishing to enter Switzerland need a valid passport. Visas are required for stays of 3 months or more. In general, holders of a valid permanent residence certificate of an EU or EFTA country, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada or the USA and some other countries do not need a visa. Please check with the nearest Swiss Embassy o Consulate. (www.auslaender.ch)

Indian nationals require a visa to visit Switzerland. An ordinary visa is usually valid for multiple entries for three months from the date of issue with duration of stay from 15 to 30 days. As and when the necessity of regular visits to Switzerland is established, the validity can be extended to one, two or, in exceptional cases, three years.

The visa applications can be submitted between 08:15 AM - 11:00 AM and the passport can be collected within 24/48 hours.

Embassy of Switzerland New Delhi
Nyaya Marg, Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi 110 021
P.O. Box 392
Phone: 011 - 2687 83 72/73/74
Telefax: 011 - 2687 30 93

Consulate General of Switzerland Mumbai
02, Maker Chamber IV, 222
Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Nariman Poin
Mumbai 400 021
Phone: 022 - 2288 45 6/4/5
Telefax: 022 - 2285 65 66

Security / Health / Insurance
Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized countries. But it is always wise to keep an eye on wallets and luggage in busy areas. Drinking and eating-out is hygienic and the tap water is safe. Immunization for contagious diseases is only required if the traveler has been in an infected area within 14 days preceding arrival in Switzerland. Personal travel insurance is strongly recommended, including coverage of personal accident, sickness, loss or damage to luggage and personal effects and cancellation charges.

Value Added Taxes
The VAT you pay on purchased goods in Switzerland is 7.6 %. You may ask at the shops for your Global Refund Cheque and reclaim the VAT: The total purchases in a shop must amount to CHF 400.00 (including VAT). The tourist must be resident outside Switzerland and the goods must be exported within 30 days.

3 easy steps to claiming your refund in Switzerland:

In the store
Your total purchases in a shop must amount to CHF 400.00 (Including VAT). You must be a resident outside Switzerland and the goods must be exported within 30 days.

Through customs
When leaving Switzerland the Tax-free Shopping Cheques have to be stamped by Swiss customs authorities after they have seen the goods.

Collecting the refund
You have several choices: immediate cash at a Cash Refund Office, direct crediting to a chosen credit card or bank account, a bank check and even, for certain countries, a cash refund when you return home.
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